What To Look For When Buying Men’s Surfing Board Shorts

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As you hit the waves what you need is a good pair of men’s surfing board shorts.

So what exactly are men’s surfing board shorts and why are they considered an essential item in a person’s surfing kit? Let’s take a look.

What are men’s surfing board shorts?

Men’s surfing board shorts are a particular type of shorts that are especially designed for this particular water activity in terms of the material used as well as the design of the shorts themselves.

Polyester is the most common material used to make men’s surfing board shorts but other microfibers such as lycra, spandex, or elastane may also be used. All of these materials have some amount of stretch in them so that they don’t restrict your leg and hip movements as you ride the waves. Most important of all, these materials wick off water more easily and dry faster so that you’re not cold and shivering when you get out of the water.

What to look for when buying men’s surfing board shorts online

Just like any other item of clothing, these shorts come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Before looking at the style and colors, the first thing you should take a look at is the size. This should be your topmost priority.

When shopping online, you will see that most styles are available in the standard size. Most online sites will also mention the waist or hip measurements that correspond to the different sizes. Take a minute to measure your waist and hips so that you can buy the right size. There’s nothing worse than buying a size too big or a size too small. Wearing a pair of tight shorts while surfing can be extremely uncomfortable and will restrict your movements. A pair of shorts that’s too big can be just as uncomfortable especially as it is likely to fall off and float away.

Once you’ve figured out your right size, then you can browse through the styles available in your size and choose one that you like best.

How much do men’s surfing board shorts cost?

Just like the styles and colors available, you’ll find that the cost of men’s surfing board shorts can vary widely. Several different factors come into play when pricing these shorts.

The type of material used is one of the biggest factors that goes into the pricing. The more advanced the fabric, the more expensive the board shorts are likely to be. The construction also plays a role in determining the price. Some of the more expensive men’s surfing board shorts are seam taped and superfly construction that warrant a higher price.

When looking for men’s surfing board shorts it’s advisable not to look for the cheapest one. You’ll find that you do get what you pay for. The more expensive outfits are made from material that have superior flexibility and wicking properties. They feel more comfortable too. An expensive pair of board shorts from a known brand will last a long time and is worth the investment is you’re a regular surfer.

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Surprise Your Loved Ones and Send Gifts to France

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Gifts are the best buddies. The tradition of gifting is done over centuries to make your fellow beings feel happy and special. Have you ever wondered why you give a gift? The only main reason is, you cannot express what you feel all the time, you might sometimes lack words in your dictionary. Even with the help of modern technology, you can express your love to your crush or friends who live in France.

Instead of choosing the gift from a local store and sending it via a courier service, you can go with the best online retailers who can send your gifts anywhere in the globe at no extra cost. Yes, you hear it right! Scroll down and read this article and know about why online retailers send gifts to France.

Surprise With A Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the ideal gift for your loved ones since they contain a variety of delectables and delights gathered from all over the world to thrill your loved ones to the fullest. Send gifts online to France now and express your heartfelt emotions in the most beautiful way possible. The e-sites provide you with a doorway to surprise your loved ones in an incredibly beautiful manner with a broad selection of gift hampers for France, which you can deliver to any region of the country. The nicest thing about gift baskets from online stores is that they are beautifully packaged and contain only the best selections.

Sweets, nuts, and delicious nibbles

Even though France is known for its desserts such as pastries, cookies, and cakes, you may send delicious sweets and snack gifts to France online without worry. This will allow your loved ones to reminisce about their childhood memories of Indian traditional sweets. As a result, you may send Gulab Jamun, Rasgullas, Kaju Katli or biscuits in various flavours, tangy namkeens, varied plain and flavoured dry fruit, and much more to France with same day delivery service.

Personalized Gift Section

On the website, they also accept the offer of gift modification, and if you want to surprise her with something special, go for customised gifts. Orders for such goods can be placed up to a day ahead of time, and they will arrive at the proper time on the day of the event. Your sentiments and emotions will be conveyed through the online flower delivery with outstanding gifts. A personalised gift would also show her how much you appreciate her in life.

Eye-Catchy Flowers

Do you know someone who enjoys receiving a lovely bouquet when they get home? Flowers are a timeless gift that make excellent stocking stuffers for him or her. The freshness and attractiveness that flowers offer to homes and workplaces stimulates and relaxes the surrounding environment. Consider buying a weekly or monthly online flower delivery in France for your loved one’s birthday to enjoy the freshness around you from time to time.

Yummy Chocolates To France

Delicious chocolates in the shape of a flower and chocolate gift basket will ensure that your deepest emotions are conveyed to your family, friends, or that special someone. Indeed, with the greatest gift of flower delivery in France for your girlfriend, like a rose and chocolate combo, there is no need to wait for a special occasion. You also don’t have to be concerned about the tasty and sincere Online chocolates and flowers combo arriving on time for your loved one. With chocolates delivery in France, make your loved one’s big day a delectable, mouth-watering affair.

Last Words!

You may discover gifts for various occasions at online gift stores, from new year floras to diwali gifts, at the greatest prices. It will also be the finest when you look for the top gateway for gift and cake delivery in France. So, on special occasions, send presents to France online through e-shops and wow your loved ones. Have a wonderful and enjoyable buying experience on the best online gifting portal.

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A Guide To Tassel And Turquoise Fringe Earrings For The Woman Who Loves To Experiment

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The earring you choose depends on the style you want to exude. If you want to stick to the idea of having a pair that complements your face and attire, you have to select from danglers, hoops, studs, haggies, and other classic ones. The perfect one for you depends on the shape of your face as well as your attire. So, you need to have a collection of stud, drop, cluster, dangle, hoop, and other classic earrings. If making a statement of sensuousness is in your mind, you need to go for tassels.

Make a Statement

The sway of tussles, if properly complemented by your dress, can truly uphold your sensuousness. If you are out to make a statement of boldness you can go for fringe earrings. Indeed, there is a huge range of fringe ideas and designs to choose from. Here is a list of fringe and tassel earrings that you can choose from.

turquoise fringe earrings
clip-on tassel earrings
Kiera gold tassel earrings
Turquoise tassel earrings
Gold black tassel earrings
Flamingo earrings
RBG earrings
Petite aqua earrings
Aruba navy earrings
Double drop earrings
Ivory fringe earrings
Black fringe earrings
Pom pom earrings
Petite white earrings
Cray earrings
Ruby drop earrings
Pagoda earrings
Watermelon tassel earrings
Various shades of Fez earrings
Mardi Gras earrings
Beaded fringe drop earrings
Characteristic of Fringe Earrings

Apart from its ability to uphold sensuousness, it has another quality. It exhibits stark minimalism, but at the same time showcases bold color designs. You can get a huge range of intriguing designs, colors, cuts, stones, and fabrics. Some of these are so bold that you may even term them as notorious. For example, what do you call the notorious rbg earrings? They are designed like a brace of parrots with gold sequin and fuchsia elements. It has a layered design along with a beaded head and a slender tassel that provides an exquisite finish to a glamorous and bold pair of earrings that only the bold at heart women can wear.

Perhaps this is the most extreme example of fringe earrings. It is not just the color or the tassel, but also the embellishment that just makes this pair a notorious and bold one to wear. Make sure to wear a complimentary necklace and bracelets and also carry a complimentary bag.

Nut Shell

Choosing the right earring like funky turquoise fringe earrings or another takes careful watching. There are so many styles among them all that you first need to make sure what suits your face shape and taste. Do you want to make a statement? Do you want to evoke a sense of sensuality? There are multiple pieces for each of them. You just need to make the right choice.

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7 Valentines Day Presents That They’ll Really Love

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Valentines day is a time for sharing gifts of love. While you can go with the usual candy flowers valentine arrangements, there are some other cool gifts that will be just as appreciated by your loved one.

One Dozen Red Roses – The most popular flower gift on Valentine’s day is roses. Topping the color choices is the beautiful crimson red rose that represents love and relationships. You might also consider giving a bouquet of pink roses, or if you’re giving them to a friend, yellow is perfect. A dozen roses in a variety of colors is also a lovely presentation. When you give your loved one a full bouquet of roses or a single Valentines day rose, you’re letting them know that you deeply love and appreciate them.

Things I Love About You Box – Here’s a wonderfully unique gift idea. Come up with 10 – 20 things you love and appreciate about your loved one. Write (or type) each thought down on a scrap of paper. Find a nice gift box at the store or you can take an old shoe box, cover it with wrapping paper and use that instead. Put the notes inside the box along with other items like photos, candy, poems and other cool things you can think of. Present to your loved one on Valentines day. They will really be surprised at this thoughtful gift.

Valentines Day Teddy Bears – Teddy bears are one of the most popular gifts to give during valentines day. You can buy a plain bear or one that comes with a heart symbol. Valentine teddy bears represent love and tenderness and are extremely huggable. They come in large, medium and small sizes and fit every budget. Your partner’s heart will melt into butter when you give them their very own plush bear on this special day. Whenever they touch it, or gaze at it fondly, they’ll be thinking of you. And ladies, don’t be shy about giving your man a fuzzy bear – his reaction may surprise you.

Valentines Day Cookies – Cookies are an alternative sweet treat this is popular on Valentines day. Cookies are great for any occasion and you can find a wide variety of mouthwatering favorites such as: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Frosted Sugar Cookies and other flavors like Lemon. Some specialty food shops even carry cookie bouquets, which contain a dozen cookies in a gift box that resembles a presentation similar to a dozen roses. Of course, you can whip up your own cookies and decorate them yourself. Make heart-shaped cookies or add little candy hearts on top.

Framed Love Poem – Love poems for Valentines day are an extremely popular gift. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a poet yourself to give one to your love. Simply search online for a Valentines day poem you like, print it out and put it inside of a frame that you purchased from the store. This is an easy way to say “I love you” and it’s also very impressive. Your loved one will cherish this gift for a long time.

Lingerie and Boxers – Does your partner enjoy wearing sexy lingerie or boxers? There are all sorts of choices in this category. If you’re buying for a woman, make sure you have her exact size or know her dress size. Look in her closet and drawers to find out. If you’re buying for that special guy, make sure he likes to wear fun boxers with decorations if you plan on getting some with hearts or characters. Be realistic and buy something they’d actually feel good about wearing.

Romantic Scrapbook – A fun gift for you to create is a romantic scrapbook that contains memories of things that the two of you have done together. If you don’t know how to make a scrapbook, you can find easy instructions online. You can use photos, drawings, stories and poems you’ve created, favorite romantic spots, recipes and scrapbook stickers and decorations. You can find discount scrapbook supplies at your local craft store or department store that sells craft items. Use your imagination to come up with something unique and special.

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Strategies For Weight Loss – Honoring Your Present State

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One of the hardest and most important aspects of weight loss is honoring your present state. This means honoring who you are and how you became you. Accepting the reasons for your weight, and your family background that may have contributed to your condition, plus honoring who you are is the hardest, most important aspect of your journey. It’s not only saying that you are ok, but also leaving out all of the but’s, and’s and maybe’s after you say you are ok. The reason why this is important is if you never get to the place of acceptance, you will never be able to let go of who you are now to become who you want to be. It’s like having a friend in a very bad relationship. As soon as you point out how unhealthy, destructive and hurt-filled the relationship is they will automatically start defending the relationship.

As a child there was a point in your life when you wanted and prayed to be who you are now. You wanted to be big. You wanted to be safe. You wanted to be loved or maybe you wanted to be numb. Your outside appearance is nothing more than a desired persona created years ago in the midst of pain and suffering.

The first step in honoring, accepting who you are now, is to go inside and talk to that scared, frightened little child and tell her that you made it, that you are safe, that you are alive. Hold that child. Fill that scared, lonely, unloved child full of love, and safety.

The second step in honoring who you are is to let go of the reasons that were behind the creation of you. We all have an understanding of how we came to be. Some of the reasons may include childhood abuse, the need to fit in, deep feeling of being unloved or the need to be safe. A lot of times the reasons are emotionally tied in with our mother or our father or other family members. The goal in this exercise is not to re-examine every cut, every tear, every sorrow, it is to create a basic understanding of the reasons why the past inner you needed to be big, safe or numb. So write down a few of these reasons. The reasons can be as specific or as general as you need. If it is too uncomfortable to go that deeply into your pain and subconscious, pretend that there was another person with a similar problem and similar goals. What would be her pain? What would be her struggles? Remember, we are dealing with the subconscious. The subconscious has no idea between reality and fantasies, between today and yesterday, or between the future and the past. It is like a computer, it only stores information to be recalled at a later date. It does not interpret the information.

The third step is to step into the future and create a desired new you. Picture, feel, taste, smell, and become that new you in the future. What does that person look like? What is she wearing? What is her life like? How happy is she? What are her new dreams, goals and desires? Remember, this is pretend. You can create anyone you wish. We are only stepping into the future to create a new you. Once you have created this future you, who is safer and more complete, bring that person back to your present. Allow this want, this dream to mingle and become a part of who you are now.

Do this exercise three times a week for four weeks. As the weeks go by, notice the little changes, the little victories. Allow them to become greater victories in your internal and external struggles to achieve the new you.

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Custody Evaluations – 5 Strategies For Presenting Your Case Successfully

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Custody or parenting time evaluations are typically performed when there is a question about parental fitness. An evaluation may be requested by either or both parents during a separation or divorce proceeding, and is typically performed by a forensic psychologist. Typically, a complete evaluation will consist of interviews with both parents, psychological testing, in home visits with each parent, interviews with the child (if she or she is old enough), and interviews with both professionals (teachers, pediatricians, and the like) and friends and family members. This process may take several months and should be requested right away if one parent has a concern. While these custody evaluations are never easy, they can be successfully navigated using some simple strategies. Here are 5 tips for presenting your case effectively to custody or parenting time evaluators:

1. Stick to the facts. Report times, dates, and the basic facts regarding behavior that concerns you. Do not offer your “diagnosis” of what your partner’s problem is. Stick to describing the behavior as accurately as possible.

2. Avoid over emotionalism. Of course this is a very stressful and emotionally charged situation, but you need to be sure you seem logical and rational. If you cry through every session or interview, the evaluator may begin to question your emotional stability. Being upset is understandable, and you can certainly express it, just don’t allow it to overcome you on a regular basis.

3. Give all information as much as possible in the context of how the behavior has, or might, negatively impact the children. The evaluator isn’t as concerned how lousy a partner your spouse has been to you (though he or she will want to know if you have been abused in any way). You can still present information in its entirety — for example, if your spouse is having an affair, you can explain that the action injects chaos and tension in the household that harms the children.

4. Be honest about your own shortcomings. If you don’t acknowledge and own up to mistakes you have made, your partner will be happy to fill in the evaluator with the worst spin on the story. Again, present your faults in terms of how they could have or did impact the children, but be sure to acknowledge that you understand the ramifications of your actions and are now behaving to a better standard.

5. Update the evaluator with relevant information as it happens. If your spouse has a destructive pattern of behavior, chances are there will be further incidents to report during the evaluation process. Again, stick with facts – times, dates, incidents, all framed in terms of their impact upon your children.

Are you interested in addressing your life challenges from a holistic standpoint, assessing the physical, emotional, and relationship components?

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Thank You Notes For Terrible Wedding Presents

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It happens to every couple who gets married: you receive a wedding gift, and eagerly open it only to find something awful inside. The gift might be ugly, tacky, impractical, or just downright weird, but you still have to write a thank you note to the person who sent it. Here are some tips on how to write gracious notes for truly terrible wedding presents…

The reality is that we have all received gifts that we found to be disappointing for one reason or another. Whether it was a birthday gift, a holiday present, or a gift for some other occasion, who hasn’t opened a package, and exclaimed, “What were they thinking?!”? If the donor was there at the time, hopefully you didn’t actually scream out loud; situations like that are the perfect opportunity to perfect your poker face.

Even if you receive a gift that you find to be just hideous, you are still obligated to politely thank the person who gave it to you. If it is a wedding gift, you might even have to keep the monkey lamp or tasteless gag gift, so that you can pull it out whenever that person comes to visit. Hopefully, anyone who sends you a terrible wedding gift lives far, far away, so that you will feel free to exchange it or donate it to Goodwill.

So, how do you thank someone for something for which you are not at all thankful? The same way as you would for a gift that you love. Start by thanking them for the “thoughtful”, “unique”, or “interesting” gift. Try to describe a way that you will use it, even if you have no intention of ever doing so. For example, “Brad and I are looking forward to having friends over to dinner and using the very special platter that your son painted for us”.

Next, throw in a line like, “We love to entertain, so we are sure to get a lot of use out of it.” Yes, it is a lie, but sometimes etiquette prefers a little white lie over the brutal truth. After all, you can’t exactly write, “We are sure that if we served our guests on something this hideous that they would lose their appetites.”!

The final step is to close the thank you note by either saying you much you look forward to seeing them at the wedding, how much you enjoyed seeing them at the wedding, or how much you will miss them at the wedding, depending on the situation. Then all you have to do is sign the note and send it off. Whew! Then pat yourself on the back for being gracious and courteous even if you were not feeling that way.

Sometimes a gift from a close family member can cause more of a problem. Let’s say that you have already picked out some beautiful crystal jewelry for your wedding, but your Aunt Martha has just given you her wedding jewelry and is expecting you to wear it (even though it is out of style and clashes with your dress). The key here is to remember the kind intention behind the gift, and to find a way to let the giver down gently. The bride should write her aunt a note effusively thanking her aunt for the jewelry, and explain that as much as she adores both the gift and her aunt, that she already has jewelry picked out for her wedding. Then promise to wear it for your rehearsal, and stick to that vow to make your relative happy.

Receiving an awful gift is by no means the worst thing that could happen to a person. Hey, at least someone cares enough about you to give you a present, right? With a little sensitivity, you will find that it is not so hard after all to give thanks gracefully for a terrible gift, and at least it will give you and your husband a funny wedding story to look back on over the years.

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You Must Be Present to Win – Thoughts on the Importance of Showing Up

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When I first heard this quote, I thought of it in the traditional sense. “Showing up” meant going to the meeting, the party, the networking luncheon, even when I didn’t feel like it. It meant being there physically and, if I had the energy, being there mentally as well.

I’ve since started my own coaching business and have found that “showing up” is the foundation of my marketing strategy. It goes well beyond the physical definition of showing up. I’ve experienced four distinct ways to “show up” that you can apply anytime, anywhere.

Who are you? Before you form the intention that you’re going to show up more often in more places, who are you showing up as? Think about your personal presence and what attracts clients and customers to you. As a coach, I show up with a coaching presence: attentive, curious and nonjudgmental, mixed with my personal style of being generally calm and in good humor. What is your presence? Are you playful? High energy? Serious? Curious? Reassuring? Provocative? And how does that presence align with what your current and potential clients expect of you? Showing up as your authentic self, with the energy and passion you bring to your work, goes deeper than “walking the talk.” It gives you the edge that allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Once you’ve discovered how you’re going to show up authentically (and that probably includes being able to effortlessly share that daggone elevator speech we all sweat over!), the next step is to determine your strategy in four areas: showing up to people, through people, for people and for yourself.

1. Showing up to people: Be seen and heard. This is perhaps the most obvious of the showing up opportunities. It means to be completely present – physically, emotionally, mentally – to others. You give the situation your full attention and energy. And no matter where you are showing up, you are representing your business. Are you showing up in a way that reflects your values and attitudes about success and client service? What’s your intention when you enter a room of people? For me, the question is “what do I have to offer here?” rather than “what will I get out of this?” This mindset allows me to receive ideas and opportunities in that might otherwise have been filtered out.

How do you use your social media networks? Think about how you can show up authentically through your blog, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all of the ways you are connected to friends and colleagues. The other day, I received an e-mail from a friend I’d not spoken to in a while. She remarked that she’d always been “tempted by my invitations” and had decided to take action and contact me about coaching. Since I’d taken care to use my online presence as an extension of how I physically show up as coach, my sharing of wins and opportunities were received as “invitations,” not sales pitches.

One last point about showing up to people: it includes stretching yourself into situations that may be outside your comfort zone. Recently I was talking to a designer at a mastermind meeting, and he mentioned that he put in a bid for a big contract, knowing that he wasn’t going to get it because he was “too young.” Whether or not I agree with the “too young” statement, the point is that he put himself out there, and consequently is gaining critical experience. Moreover, he is “showing up” to people who might hire him in the future – he’s not going to be too young forever! Go for the big job, client and customer; show up big and see what happens!

Bottom Line #1: Get out, be seen, be heard, be real.

Ask Yourself: In what ways can I show up to others that will stretch my comfort zone and best share what I have to offer?

2. Showing up through people: Be in ten places at once. Recently I was out of town at a training session. When I returned, I hadn’t been home ten minutes before my husband told me that he’d reconnected with a childhood friend in Minnesota who was interested in becoming a coaching client. Wow! Two things led to it: first, his sister knew what I was doing and told this friend. Then she talked to Andy, and he mentioned it. Without me needing to be present, two people promoted my services, and a client was born.

Find those people who are your biggest cheerleaders and advocates. They could be family members, friends, teachers, mentors and professional colleagues. Reach out intentionally and say “Let’s learn more about each other’s businesses and needs so we can extend our reach to more people.” Know the basics of their services, exchange ten business cards and make it easy to talk about each other. Share what you’re both looking for in clients and projects.

Remember your former satisfied customers and clients in this equation, and stay in touch as your business grows and evolves. Their testimonials, success stories and referrals are the ultimate in showing up through others.

Bottom Line #2: Collaboration beats competition, and it allows you to be in many places at once.

Ask Yourself: Who are my biggest advocates, and what can I do to enable us to support each other’s needs?

3. Showing up for people: Prosperity trumps scarcity. Since we’re all about collaboration, we recognize that a competitive attitude leads to a scarcity mentality. Seeing things through a competitive lens means that there’s only so much to go around: finite resources, clients, projects and opportunities. That mindset leads to isolation and fear, two deal-breakers for any entrepreneur. As a successful professional, you recognize that showing up for other people creates community and shared prosperity. It extends your network in unexpected ways. And you have the potential to learn something new from everyone you meet.

We show up for others when we attend a workshop or event they are hosting. I hosted my first teleclass a few weeks ago, and several other coaches participated in support of my new endeavor. I can’t tell you how wonderful that felt! Send a handwritten, snail-mail thank you note when someone gives you a referral, testimonial or useful resource. Write a comment on a colleague’s blog, reciprocate a link, “retweet” or give them a Facebook “thumbs up” when you like something they post. Take a moment to write a compliment or reference on someone’s Biznik or LinkedIn profile, and ask that they do the same for you when it’s appropriate.

I believe that there’s an element to showing up for others that involves “success by association.” The more I’m around the people who have done the things I want to do – write a book, host successful workshops, give keynote speeches – the more “normalized” such activities become. My support of their success means I have increased opportunities to learn from them and view them as role models or mentors. And if you’ve reached the success that others crave? Be there for people like me, who want to be encouraged and reminded that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

When practicing this particular intention, it’s important to show up authentically. It’s obvious if you don’t want to be at the event or workshop, or if your comments are insincere and boilerplate. It’s better to write a “sorry I missed it” note than to only be half-present.

Bottom Line #3: An attitude of prosperity beats one of scarcity every time.

Ask Yourself: What are some ways I can show up for others and express a genuine interest in their success?

4. Showing up for yourself: Keep up your strength. “This above all: To thine own self be true.” These words of Shakespeare’s Polonius in “Hamlet” sound simple enough, yet the implications are profound. Coaches are among those professionals who have done deep personal work around core values, strengths and goals, and they support others through their own discovery process. Based on the work I’ve done, I’m clear about what types of self-care are going to best support me. That consciousness allows me to make choices based on honoring that which is most important to me. In my case, it’s scheduling my days in a way that reflects my natural rhythm and energy. It’s taking time for a nap, volunteering for community groups I care about, and saying “no” to the fourth evening event in the same week. Think about what values are most important to you and how you are turning those values into actions. Staying true to your core and practicing meaningful self-care means you will have more energy for all of the other showing up you want to do!

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Presentations – Delivery and Benefits

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After you have prepared your presentation, checked all the equipment you need, set out the venue and finalised the guest list you are now ready to give your presentation. This is your opportunity to gain credibility in your career. You must use this opportunity to build your credibility and be accepted as an expert on your subject. This is not as difficult as it may seem.

If you have studied your brief, become totally familiar with your subject and can show confidence when delivering you will be more than half way to achieving your aims. Buyers are impressed when faced with someone who is obviously knowledgeable about his/her subject, so earning their respect. Let us look at some of the situations where you can achieve this. If you are presenting a new product to potential buyers emphasise the features and benefits of the product but make sure you mention benefits not associated with the main sales literature. It’s not difficult to find some of these undisclosed benefits if you do a little research within the development and production departments. Concentrate on your in depth knowledge of the product, your belief in it and continually emphasise how YOU are involved in the success of that product.

Take another scenario for a presentation. Let us say you are presenting a report for a department of your company to your colleagues and senior management. You will highlight any subjects and points with which you were directly involved. If a system is to be changed or a department reorganised, explain your involvement. Point out that your suggestions, innovations and efficiency moves have resulted in increased productivity and therefore profits. When making a presentation don’t ever make the mistake of assuming an arrogant or boastful attitude. Such an attitude will immediately alienate prospective purchasers. Introduce your involvement in improvements as a fact, as part of your duties and as a result of your level of knowledge. Presenting your subject in such a manner helps your audience to understand and acknowledge your skills which increases your credibility.

One other type of presentation frequently used for employees concerns changes to working practices which directly affect the employee. You can use exactly the same research and preparation as discussed for other presentations but you will need to change the parameters a little. The most important point to emphasise is the benefits the employee will gain from the new arrangements. It doesn’t matter how or when the benefits are introduced as long as they are introduced clearly and with concise information and to how the employee will benefit. Many people, when giving a presentation to employees, like to concentrate on the company’s history, the state of the market, the latest legislative regulations plus lots of other areas which they feel are appropriate. There is no problem with that, but you should be very careful not to offer too much background information. This could create a feeling of boredom and therefore lose the interest of your audience, particularly if you have not accentuated the benefits which they will receive from the changes. Be succinct, factual, clear and concise and you will produce a successful and beneficial presentation.

One last point. Don’t forget that all presentations can be used as an exercise to boost your credibility and acceptance as an expert on your subject. I have overcome many difficult situations by giving a presentation which has clarified points which were causing problems that could have created serious difficulties. Thorough groundwork and organisation are essential for a successful presentation and will enable you to deliver it with confidence. In doing so you will enjoy the experience, make many contacts and further your own ambitions.

Good luck.

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Tips on Personal Presentation For a Successful Interview

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After writing a powerful cover letter and designing a dynamic resume layout filled with great content and expressed convincingly, you are called for that all-important interview. Depending on where you are on your career path, this could be the most important day of your life to date and you want to make the most of it. As an established fact, you will be nervous – that’s just natural. Almost everyone in the same situation is jittery to one degree or another. You will feel like you are on the proverbial “hot seat”, maybe you perceive the whole event as more like an interrogation. It is important that you relax; relax and visualize success. If you have prepared yourself well by thoroughly studying the job posting, analyzed yourself to know who you are and what you are good at, and visualized the situation and some possible questions that you have formulated answers for, then you have done all you can to be ready mentally for the challenge ahead. But there are still some tips that will add to your confidence and make that first impression as positive as possible.

Enough cannot be said about the preparation of yourself. Be well bathed, and gentlemen that means clean shaven. If you have a beard, make sure it is properly trimmed. Use deodorant. Look yourself over well. Avoid strong scented perfumes or colognes; your interviewer might have a sensitivity to them which would make the time in the interview room uncomfortable for him/her. Stand in front of a mirror and look at what you are wearing, check your fingernails for cleanliness, and your hair to make sure it is tidily styled. Avoid any foods in advance of the interview that might negatively affect your breath such as garlic or coffee. Fresh breath is a must and you only have one chance to make a first impression. Why is this all important? Well, people make opinions about others just by watching them. We convey a lot about ourselves in the way we look, move and conduct ourselves. The interviewer will make decisions about your personality just by watching your actions. Keep all this in mind during the interview process. Your best tactic is to portray through all your actions and words that your interested in the position, you are confident you can do the job and while in the interview, you are really paying attention.

There are some other points you should be aware of so during the interview you continue to reinforce that first good impression. When you enter the interview room, extend your hand to the interview and give a firm handshake, not one that will bring the person to their knees, but also not one that’s limp-wristed and weak. A good handshake presents confidence and openness. During the interview, always maintain good eye contact with the interviewer(s). Do not look down excessively, staring at your lap or shoes, or focus on something in the room on the wall or table. Look at the interviewer. For some people, this takes practice since you may feel intimidated and you fear you will lose your train of thought when answering a question or completely miss hearing the question at all. But connecting with your interviewer is vital and engaging with them is critical. They will conclude that your shyness is a lack of confidence and may impede you from performing well on the job.

Another important tip is your posture during the interview. It is important that you sit upright but not rigid; do not slouch, or lean forward on the table. The former can convey a lack of interest and the latter can be perceived as too aggressive and intimidating. It is acceptable to use your hands to express yourself, but do it in moderation. Too many hand gestures can look theatrical and superficial, but using none at all makes you appear inflexible and stubborn. Avoid just fiddling with your hands. That can be an annoying practice. No jiggling of one leg or tapping your toe on the floor, and avoid general fidgeting of your body which gives away to the others in the room that you are uncomfortable.

Speak with a voice volume that can be well heard. No need to over project but do not speak too softly which sometimes happens when you are nervous. Nervous laughter is annoying and should be controlled. The interviewers need to be able to concentrate on your answers and this laughter can be detrimental. And above all else, smile and look pleased to be there even though inside you may not. It will make you look friendly and someone they want to have as part of their organization.

All this may seem like a lot to keep in mind, but if you use these suggestions as best you can, you will find that your chances of success in getting that job will increase immensely.

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