Presentations Can Be Fun

For most of the first time presenters, presenting in front of a huge crowd is sometimes too stressful. If given a chance to narrate those moments, they usually end up complaining about shivery legs, dry throat, sweaty palms, blank outs and so on. These are the most common problems faced by sometimes even the best of the speakers. These are the result of the general consciousness of being afraid of facing the crowd that has creped into their minds. These problems are minor and can be easily controlled and that too without much efforts.

Follow these simple steps:
1. Write down on a piece of paper, what is it that you enjoy talking about the most, or something that fascinates you or you are very passionately attached to. It could be a form of game, some kind of dance, some person, some object, or could even be some kind of a company…(in case you are so inclined to businesses).
2. Next, see to it that you have ample information on that subject to talk about. The information should stretch across past, present and future. See if you could quantify your information with graphs and pie charts or represent it through diagrams. Always remember that when you know 100 odd words on a particular topic, you are able to speak at least 10 of them spontaneously. So according select accordingly.
3. See to it that the topic is worth sharing, i.e. not a controversial one, should not hurt anyone’s feelings, and could catch many eyeballs and ears while you present. If they know 10% of the topic, they should know 75% of it after your presentation on that topic.
4. If all the above three criteria are satisfied by your chosen topic, then start preparing for presenting on it.
5. While presenting the first 2 – 3 minutes can be a little difficult to face the audiences, but then once you get into the groove of speaking on a topic close to your heart, nobody can stop you from giving it your best shot…(Believe me, no one can). Do not stretch it for more than 30 minutes…(unless you are confident of leaving the audience craving for more)
6. Add videos in your presentation.
7. Take up some activity related to the presentation to get the audiences involved.
8. Avoid monotony…in simple words, add as much zing as you can to your presentation.
9. Best part about presenting such a thing is you need not worry about your marks, you can do a complete freehand. You can be as informal as you can. This informal-ness somewhere helps you kills the fear of being restricted to rules of presentation and then when you have finally freed yourself of such fears, a confident you can then proceed with formal professional presentations.

The whole logic behind doing such a presentation is that, the topic that you like the most, you know more about it and that is what you are trying to communicate to the people. It gives you hands on exposure over how it helps you to communicate well to the audiences when you know a lot about the topic you are presenting, so next time when you give a class presentation you know how much to know on a particular topic before speaking on it.

Besides when you have gathered the courage to present and that too on your favorite topic, you most likely end up giving the best presentation of your life. You have set a benchmark for yourself and will always try to match up to this performance. Whenever you have to make a crucial presentation, you can refer to this presentation, i.e. when you can give a good presentation one time you can always give a good presentation anytime. The main idea behind this exercise is that exploring the areas of your interests and through it exploring the other things linked to it.

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