Leadership While Negotiating

It is rare to find leadership at full throttle than in the area of negotiations. I cannot think of to many professions that can top the demonstration of leadership more so than in the arena of negotiations. One might ask, well do I have to be a top notch negotiator of a large organization in order to demonstrate my leadership talents. The answer is no; as what one is really attempting to accomplish is debating or developing a case for the interest of your party or your organization that come to fruition based on your leadership skills while negotiating.

Negotiating is an art and leadership needs to stay poised within the parameters of what the issues are with the arguments of seeking the best outcomes at the best interest of the representing company, client or cause. Negotiation entails drama, at times explosive outburst and at times a calm stoic demeanor that involves non verbal communications and yet making it very clears the bottom-line stature of the representing party.

Leadership while negotiating requires a give and take but being clear that the negotiations will be conducted from a no nonsense perspective. And, that you’re bottom-line is not negotiable. Many leaders while negotiating offer to negotiate from a bottom-line perspective and work up from there. This view offer to all the parties involved the negotiating sessions will be based on integrity and that the expected outcome must benefits the interest of your clients. Leaders no in advance what result they are seek when entering a schedule of negotiations. There are typically economic factors, personnel factors, prior contractual agreements that need to be addressed or the creation of new elements to a given force of proposed resolutions. Many leaders like to stop the team negotiating sessions call for a recess and conduct a private one to one session with the lead figure head of the opposing team during negotiations. In one to one sessions opportunities avail themselves for openness and the creation of a relationship while negotiating; you see at this point leadership is taking place and finding the best outcome for a client is very possible because there is less human conflict taking place and a more upbeat atmosphere has been created.

Leaders need to be prepared to step outside the box while negotiating and commence negotiations based on ethics and determination. The issues of conduct, honor and approachable behavior are important elements in leadership while negotiating.

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