How to Get a Better Deal – Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!

If you want to learn how to get a better deal, then you’re reading the right article. Step closer, I don’t want just everyone to hear these negotiating tips I’m about to share with you. Are you looking to get a great deal on that car or house or boat or job? Then pay attention to these great negotiating tips on how to get a better deal.

76. Avoid a quick deal. If it’s a “lay down” you didn’t ask for enough or something is FISHY.

77. Trust first. Verify after.

78. Don’t allow others to negotiate the deal for you. (You lose credibility if you don’t represent your own vision). The only exception here is when you hire an expert negotiator, and then it’d better be someone who is darn GOOD.

79. “If I pay you all cash and close quickly, what’s the LEAST you would take?” Want to know how to get a better deal? Ask for the best deal possible right out of the starting gate.

80. Never, never name the price you’ll pay first, or the down payment you’ll give when buying, or name the monthly payment you’ll take when renting or the price you’ll accept accept when selling. Ask them “How much?” Follow up with “Is that the best you can do?” The responsibility to name numbers first is on them, not you.

81. “So you’re saying if I don’t give you $_____, you flat-out won’t sell me the house?” Isolate whether this is a maybe or a must, and you’ll find out quickly how to get a better deal- or not.

82. Learn to triangulate the deal if necessary. If you don’t have what they want or need, who does? What do THEY want? Do you have it? Does the first person you’re negotiating with have it? Triangulate. This can be one of the most fun negotiating tips you’ll learn and if you can solve problems and create value for multiple people at the same time you’ll always be welcome. And always be making money, too.

83. Think people, not just profit. Solve people’s problems and you’ll get paid. That’s the best negotiating tip of all. Help others!

84. Never forget that long term real-estate success- and business success…and for that matter LIFE success- is based on the relationships you establish. The relationship is more important than the deal.

85. Repeat after me: I will act NOW! I will act NOW! I will act NOW! Remember, “He who hesitates waits and waits and waits.” Act Now. Get Started. Just do it.

86. Know your own weaknesses. Don’t do paperwork if you aren’t gifted with that. Don’t try to intimidate if you’re a mellow personality. Don’t talk numbers if you’ve got no grasp of them.

87. Learn the 4 personality types and what each of them wants most (reds, blues, greens, yellows). I can give you some free resources on this powerful training just email me.

88. Push the emotional buttons. Create the emotional frenzy. People buy and make decisions often on emotion (most just RATIONALIZE the decision later with “logic”). So push the emotional buttons. Give people a pleasurable experience and one they won’t forget when they’re negotiating with you.

89. If you’re unhappy with the answer or offer, repeat it back to them with a question-mark inflection and in a shocked tone of voice: “Two hundred thousand dollars?!?”

90. Here’s a GREAT negotiating tip. Practice using VOICE INFLECTION to color your words with different meanings. Try this sentence in all its many variations (all of which have a different meaning depending on which word you emphasize): “I didn’t say she stole the car yesterday”…this becomes “I didn’t SAY she stole the car yesterday” and becomes “I didn’t say SHE stole the car yesterday” etc. This has so many uses if you use it, you will control most any conversation you’re ever in (which a negotiation IS, do you follow me?) just by controlling what someone THINKS they heard…but maybe they were wrong.

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