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Personal Presentation Skills to Supercharge Your Charisma (How to Get the Look of Success!)

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Personal presentation skills include correct, method of portraying oneself in public or a social surrounding. It is basically the ability to enhance our communication skills in an appropriate manner. Whether in a completely official set up or while dealing with situations in our daily life, proper personal presentation is absolutely essential in determining the response that we would receive from others.

Correct use of body language as well as communication skills in different kinds of social surroundings is what constitutes personal presentation. A person’s voice is very essential while communicating with the world. Displaying confidence while speaking, proper punctuations and voice pitch combined together can be very effective in creating an impact on people around us.

Most of the time people get nervous while speaking in public or to a crowd. It is during these times that grooming oneself for personal presentation skills becomes important. Ensure that you use correct English language for everyone to understand and also note the speed at which you deliver words.

The rate at which you speak should neither be too fast, nor too slow. After every sentence take a pause of about less than half a second and then resume. While communicating with large group of people always, exhibit confidence in your body language, voice and method of speaking. Towards the end of every sentence, share equal eye contact across the room to indicate that you are interacting with each and everyone in the room. Be assertive and precise.

Always know when to speak and what to speak. Keep the topic up to the point, and give your opinion only when asked for. While talking to a large number of people in any social gathering, try to be as enthusiastic as possible, maintain a rapport with the audience to generate feedback. You should also be aware of your audience to understand their mindset and accordingly speak.

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Horse and Horse Rider Presents

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When it comes to your horsey friends, they’ll often enjoy a present for the horse, themselves, or even their home and office. Believe it or not, those who love horses have a passion and enjoy just about anything that surrounds this passion. When deciding our horse present, or a horse riding gift, it’s important understand exactly where the person sits in the horse world.

For those horse riders who are either casual trail riders or just ride on the weekend, there’s a giant variety of gifts to present them with. You may find a variety of different horse trail riding gifts that can include handy saddlebags, water carriers, horse camping gear, and even gear for the horse the can make them comfortable for those long days on the trail.

And for those who hit the show ring, a total different set of horse gifts and presents would be appreciated. Those that head into the show ring are rather competitive, and clothing, tack, and grooming supplies are all a must. Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of showing equipment, tack and clothes available on the Internet. You’ll first need to know what kind of horse showing your horse lover does, but then you’re bound to find a variety of gifts and presents for the horse and the show person.

If you have a beginning horse person in your life, your variety of gifts gets even wider. The person needs such a wide variety of items in order to be a success in either riding, the show ring, or even halters showing, that your choice is going to be difficult. From matching lead ropes and halters, horse blankets, saddle blankets and pads, to blankets, and horse trailer equipment, it’s all available and all you have to do is set a budget. The person would also enjoy gift certificates, believe it or not choosing their own horse gift could be easily done as they really know what they need.

Many horse gift sites and horse tack stores that are available on the Internet will offer you the opportunity for a gift certificate. This will allow your person to choose his or her own horse present. Such a wide variety, and if you’re not really sure what they need, a good choice for your horsey friends by purchasing them a gift certificate from their favorite horse site.

Don’t forget, all horses need health care, food, and stable equipment. Believe it or not, when it comes to your horsey friends, whether they own a horse or not, presents, gifts, as well as horse motifs for the home are available all over the Internet.

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Brand Presentation – Brand Effective Presentation For Attraction Based Recognition

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Building a business consists of bare bones efficiency, you can make a profit using plain text, black and white print, and bare essential elements. But does it work as effectively as a business built with solid bones design and an attractive façade?

When I serve dinner, whether it’s at a wedding where I’m catering or here at home to my family, I consider the presentation of the food as well as the menu combination. A bare bones meal consists of meat, side dish, and vegetable, but there’s more. Cooked carrots, mashed potatoes and roast beef may all taste wonderful ground up on the plate, but what happens if you present them with a bit of flavor? Add some butter to the potatoes and maybe some fresh chopped parsley? Perhaps you add a spoonful of gravy to the sliced roast beef, and a little orange glaze to the carrots?

The appearance of the food on the plate suddenly becomes an attraction and you’d serve it to company. But why not to your family?

As a caterer, I learned that the better the food looks, the more I can expect to be tipped for the job. If I add those tasty little touches of color to the plate and increase the flavor with visual appeal, not only does the food taste better, but I can charge more. The same happens with many businesses. Visual appeal doesn’t cost anything extra in most cases, simply a few seconds more time, some thought, and a bit of application are all that’s actually required.

You can use a can of spray paint and apply your name to the side of the building and throw up some random accessories with no thought to what they say about your business, or you can take a moment and plan the application using your brand and get the recognition you deserve.

A better way to start a business is by developing a plan that will generate an attractive business that draws your customers in to see you and brings them back time after time for high quality product and services. When your customers receive quality and more than they expect for their hard earned money, they come back, time after time and again.

Are you ready to bring your customers back time after time?

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Create Interactive Presentations to Impress Students

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An amazing interactive presentation always helps teachers and tutors to enhance their instruction. No matter you are a teacher or trainer, if you want to please your students or trainees with intriguing presentations, this is the right article for you.

Many people may understand the value of a good presentation for knowledge delivery, but only few of them do know how to make such one. Usually, teachers or instructors use PowerPoint to create courseware. Without a doubt, this is an easy and efficient way to help clarifying and activating the learning content. But, a presentation only with words and pictures is not attractive enough to get focus. Fortunately, MS PowerPoint allows user to launch an external program, e.g. exe and flash, while playing slide show. These elements may possibly bring clarity and fun to classes or lectures, but the problem is how many non-computer-science teachers or professors know to build those elements to content their students or audience. For sure, there are few. Then, how to create those interactive elements becomes the main hurdle to author attractive learning content or presentation.

Consider .exe first. What do .exe programs help? Take physics class for example. Usually, a VB program is used to demonstrate some physical phenomenon, e.g. beats, interference, diffraction and so on. Remember, these demonstrations are not only show the phenomenon, but also demonstrate the laws, which is more important than the phenomenon itself. In other words, the related parameters should be allowed to change to meet specify needs, such as, wave length, frequency, initial phase, etc. If not, a video would be more helpful. Ok, now the sticking point is VB programming. Oh, god, what a jerk! Luckily, in most conditions, those programs are universal to familiar content, for instance, a program demonstrate the phenomenon beats. The basic parameters would be possibly changed are frequency, amplitude, and phase difference. A program satisfying this is suitable for any class about beats. And, this kind of demos are available on Internet by searching ‘** demonstration’. Since it’s easy to get one, why bother to make one.

Then, flash. Flash is capable to manage most functions .exe programs can. Besides, flash is easier to please audience by visual animation looking than the .exe programs, and it is more acceptable in programming skill. Thus, the flash demo is becoming more and more popular. Just like .exe programs, flash demos can be downloaded from the web, but only one element would never get an appropriate one from the Internet. That is quiz. This must be distinct from different individuals. Even in the same course, teachers would like to have their own quiz. Now the problem becomes simple, build a flash quiz to enhance the interaction of presentations.

Why quiz?

Quizzes can help reviewing knowledge, and solidifying the instruction. What’s more important is quiz is absolutely interactive. Furthermore, a good flash quiz will get students’ focus. Beyond all doubt, Macromedia Flash is the best choice to create the most impressive and exclusive quizzes, but if we take a compromise on appearance, we are possible to avoid programming. Articulate, Tanida, and Wondershare all provide powerful flash quiz tools.

Articulate QuizMaker (QM), the most powerful, also the highest price $399, quiz tool among the three. It is capable to build either online survey or graded quiz. Friendly interface, users could start to make quizzes without a guide. There are 21 question types to choose, 11 for graded quizzes, True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple responses, Match (drag and drop), Sequence (drag and drop), Fill In The Blank, Click Map (hotspot), Word Bank, Match (drop down), Sequence (drop down), Numeric, 10 for surveys and polls (Consider survey is not necessary for a class presentation, I only list the graded question types).

Tanida QuizBuilder (QB), $199, and Wondershare QuizCreator (QC), $99.95, less comprehensive than QuizMaker, are only focusing on the graded quizzes. The interface of QB is very neat, while the QC’s is very cute and pretty. The later one is more intuitive than the first. It is especially worth noting that only QC gives a question outline in the left part of its interface, it helps much on clarifying the quiz structure. They both provide 8 question types to choose. QB has the first 8 types of QM; QC has the first 7 types of QM, plus Short Essay.

Besides, Articulate and Wondershare provide robust flash authoring tools (make flash from PowerPoint), and they both can incorporate with their own quiz tools seamlessly. Turn PPT presentations to flash ones could reduce size dramatically, and can be played in computers without office.

All of the three products are easy to use, require no programming skills. Comparatively, QM is more professional than other two, but the price is triple as the QC. QB is not bad; the only deficit is the company provides no cooperative products.
To get more details please visit:



Tanida: []

Now, download and try. Build your own intriguing presentations, then share them with your lovely students! If you have any ideas please feel free to share your experiences with me.

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PowerPoint Design Tips – How to Use Color to Enhance Your MS PPT Presentation Slides

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Color should be considered when creating PowerPoint presentation slides. Designers are usually well acquainted with color, but even they still find the need to experiment in finding out what would suit their presentations most appropriately. It is more likely beginners will try out different colors to be certain of their choice.

There is effect of colors in presentations can be described as subtle but noteworthy. The following PowerPoint design tips will direct you on how you can give a good impression to the audience through changing the colors of your presentation.

People’s emotions are influenced by the colors they see. We all have different ways of reacting to the same color, and our cultural heritage affects the meaning of a particular color. A more effective way other than listing down different probable reactions is to try out a variety of colors and find out what suits your presentation most. It is also good to ask others for opinions. These are the usual reactions people give out from the following colours:

- Blue is often associated with traditional and tranquility
- Red is often construed as intense and rabid
- Green usually suggests money or authority

Although a color could never be considered right or wrong, there are those more proper than the other.

The background color determines what colours you may use in your slides. There can be times when more than one color may seem more appropriate. You can simply try out different variations of color. You can go with a monochromatic which includes different hues of a single color.

If you have chosen the colors you want to apply in your presentation, try creating a color theme so you can simply input the colors of the title and body, as well as the colors of major and supplemental fills.

PowerPoint Design Tips on Creating a Color Scheme

1. Below the Slide Design pane, choose Edit Color Scheme. The default color will then appear in the dialog box.
2. Select the color you want, should you want to change. Next, click on Change colour.
3. There are two ways of selecting your color – either through the standard tab or the custom tab which allows you to specify the RGB. Once you’re done, click the OK button.
4. You may then go back to your presentation after selecting Apply.

Beginners are strongly advised to create a color scheme for their presentations.

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